[size=14pt]The Fourth-and-a-Half Quasi-Super Bowl Prop Bet Extravaganza![/size]

In this week’s Scramble, I’ll be departing from our typical format and topics to discuss at length the Patriots running up the score. I’ll be discussing ethical conundrums related to scoring, the chart comparing maximum allowable pass length to score differential as delineated by quarter and time remaining, the effects of the signal-stealing penalty upon Bill Belichick’s psyche, how Tom Brady wants to stay on the field to avoid being a father to his children, what Robert Kraft’s unconscious gestures mean, how the ‘72 Dolphins should be shamed for beating the Patriots 52-0 with the last two touchdowns being 50-plus-yard bombs, how Joe Gibbs actually used sleight-of-hand on Sunday to avoid shaking Belichick’s hand when there’s photographic evidence that he did…

Oh, wait. You guys covered it already? 87 times over? Sweet.

In this week’s Scramble, I’ll take a bit of a different angle, then.

Every year, Scramble does a prop bet column for the Super Bowl, looking at the game from the perspective of many different, often silly over/under bets. The column usually runs about, oh, 28 pages long.

Since this game has been pretty much declared the Super Bowl of the regular season, we’re going to turn the tables a bit. I have yet to see any prop bets set for the Pats/Colts game. Instead, what I’m going to do is create what I would consider to be reasonable lines for the game in a variety of different situations and then pick an Over/Under based upon those bets. It’ll work out well because if I end up winning money, I’ll be accused of setting the lines in my favor, and if I lose, I’ll be accused of not knowing how to set lines. Good ol’ lose-lose.

Regardless, feel free to discuss my bets in the comments section. I won’t be tracking anyone else’s bets but my own, but if anyone wants to volunteer to track other people’s bets, I’d be happy to run the results in Scramble next week.

Unfortunately, some of the pageantry of the Super Bowl won’t be featured in the Colts game, so we can’t do bets on the more bizarre features of the event (e.g. the length of the National Anthem). We’ll restrict our bets to those related to gameplay. Gotta save something for the Super Bowl.

(Continued here.)