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    Former NFL player on substance abuse policy

    Former NFL player says league's substance abuse policy leaves door wide open for street drugs

    The hypocrisy of the NFL is that the league goes to extreme measures to make sure we're not using PEDs - which, if used correctly and not abused, could prolong our careers. But the NFL has completely dropped the ball when it comes to street drugs. The NFL doesn't want so-called "cheaters" - players being faster, healthier and playing longer. So they settle for a bunch of gifted junkies.
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    Re:Former NFL player on substance abuse policy l
    That link didn't work for me, try this one.

    Interesting article, I didn't realize players only got drug tested once a year, and they are pre warned of it.

    I pretty much agree with the policy. If it's not giving them an advantage who really cares? Actually it's still more than most professions where being under the influence could cause serious harm like police officers and bus drivers.
    If the player is able to sober up for a couple of months to pass the test it is less likely they are abusing.

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    Re:Former NFL player on substance abuse policy

    That's a fresh perspective.

    Why don't they just test for everything with the random sample they take for PEDs?

    And to jmcdon, most drugs don't take "a couple of months" to be at a passing level in your system. Amphetamines, coke, heroin, oxycontin, lsd, inhalants, MDMA(Ectasy), all are out of your system in like 5 days tops, most of them on that list are only a day or two. Marijuana stays in your system for so long because it's fat soluble... which is unfortunate, as it's far safer than other illegal drugs.

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