Cool story.

[size=12pt]Former Cowboy Lockhart camps out for good cause[/size]
Posted: Friday July 27, 2007 1:07PM; Updated: Friday July 27, 2007 1:07PM

It wasn't even Eugene Lockhart's meeting.

The one-time Cowboy, two-time Pro Bowler's agent sits on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas. The agent was taking the group's CEO, Charles Pierson, to chat-up current Cowboy Bradie James and he just figured Lockhart would be into saying hey to the linebacker patrolling the same stretch of grass he once did.

Lockhart said sure. Only, a few minutes into it, he starts shaking his head at Pierson's pitch. And he, Pierson remembers, "starts selling a lot harder than I was."

Lockhart was 46-years-old and had never been a Big Brother. In nine NFL seasons, he'd lent his mug to a Big Brother event, but he'd never done more, he says, "than show up." Now, all of a sudden, he's telling James to man up. He's in his car, he's pulling over to the side of the road and he's calling Pierson. He, Lockhart tells this man he's just met, is going to sleep on a football field until he raises half a million dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas.