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    Football's new skill players play on defensive side

    [size=13pt]Football's new skill players play on defensive side[/size]

    Published: Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 6:01 a.m.
    Last Modified: Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 11:22 p.m.

    Mike Detillier

    Just a few weeks back, in this same space, Ed Orgeron, the new defensive line coach for the New Orleans Saints told me, “When we grew up, the skilled people in football were the running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks....

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    Re: Football's new skill players play on defensive side

    this is kind of off topic, but chris long is one of the most fit people i have seen on the dline in maybe forever.

    i think its good that the guys that work the hardest (argueablly) are getting the credit. sure it makes the contracts bigger, but the d side of the ball needs respect too
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    Re: Football's new skill players play on defensive side

    Very interesting read my friend.

    I like the way teams are thinking here as they try to negate the deep threat via a more effective pass rush.........

    As we saw in the SB, kindof hard for Brady to hit Moss deep if he is laying on his back before Moss gets deep.
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    Re: Football's new skill players play on defensive side

    I see football contracts getting... WAY to out of hand.. now
    to understand it fully..

    does the total amount of the possible payouts come into the total amount shown?
    as in.

    1. say they get 1 mil per sac, or 250k per 5 qb hurries..
    2. maybe 1 mil for int,
    3. 3 mil to be DMVP
    4. 1 mil to be voted pro bowl.

    would u total up the 6 + mil or not..


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    Re: Football's new skill players play on defensive side

    “Ten years ago the top money was going to the guys that put the ball in the end zone, and there was an effort from the high school ranks and into the college game to put their best players on the offensive side of the ball. Over the course this has created a huge void for some spots on defense, and there has to be an adjustment somewhere to get athletes to slow down the offensive playmakers. There are just not enough really good defensive linemen and cover cornerbacks to combat the onslaught of the offensive talent coming out of the college ranks.”
    Good article and helps put in perspective why the DL and corners are getting the huge contracts.
    Many of them getting more money than Moss after a record setting season.


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