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    Football Question

    In the NFL if a team goes for an extra point or two point conversion, and there's a turnover and the other team brings it back into the endzone, what happens? I've always thought nothing but a guy recently told me that they get 2 pts for it. Just wonderin' if anyone knows the answer to this?

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    Re: Football Question

    In the NFL, only the offensive team can score on an extra point conversion (or try).

    NFL Rulebook
    2. The defensive team never can score on a try. As soon as defense gets possession or the kick is blocked or a touchdown is not scored, the try is over.

    Your friend may be thinking of the college rule that allows it.

    NCAA Rulebook
    Rule 8
    Section 3
    ARTICLE 2. A try is an opportunity for either team to score one or two
    points while the game clock is stopped and is a special interval in a game
    which, for purposes of penalty enforcement only, includes both a down
    and the “ready’†™ period that precedes it.
    -- Sarcasm always turned on --

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    Re: Football Question

    cool thanks jimmy!

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