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    Five Questions with Sammy White

    [size=18px]Five Questions with Grambling's Sammy White[/size]

    By Nick Deriso

    Originally published July 23, 2006

    Grambling State and Richwood product Sammy White made his mark at every level, winning titles in high school and college, then becoming a cornerstone of the Minnesota Vikings franchise. Recognition has come in the form of SWAC Hall of Fame induction last year and then a spot on the Vikings’ All-1970s Team recently compiled by Eric Krupka of

    Today, White has fashioned Division I-AA’s most prolific passing attack as the offensive coordinator at GSU. But questions loom with the graduation of Bruce Eugene, a three-year starter. News-Star sports editor Nick Deriso asks them:

    Give me your scouting report on Grambling’s quarterback situation with Bruce gone.

    Brandon (Landers, a Carroll product and former SWAC freshman of the year) has a strong arm and he’s gotten better with the scheme, after a year behind Bruce. He’s still lacking some film work, but the way I see it right now, he’s the frontrunner. (Sophomore Houston product) Larry Kerlegan is very instinctive. He plays more with his legs than his arm right now, though. And with the receivers we’ve got, we need a big arm.

    Talking about big arms, the buzz on the yard has been about Desmond Brentley, that Pittsburgh prep signee.

    Brentley does have a really good arm. He looks to pick up on our scheme very quickly. But in our offense, it’s just tough to start right out of high school. You have to do a whole lot of reads when it comes to the opposing defenses. They tell you where to go. All those years we had Bruce, and he still had his best year after sitting out (with a knee injury in 2004). He got to experience the game as a coach, and he became more patient. He became more of a student of the game. They all have to work on that.

    Henry Tolbert and Clyde Edwards, your top receivers, both return. How do you fit in a talent like (Georgia Tech transfer) LeKeldrick Bridges?

    You’ll have to account for everybody, and that means guys like Bridges will get some numbers. But guys like Bridges will actually make it easier for Henry and Clyde to have big days. Even if other teams double-team them, they both have such a drive for the ball. They are going to try to make a play. Those two will still be productive, no matter what happens.

    Your 10 seasons in Minnesota included rookie of the year honors and a Super Bowl appearance. What was it like to be named to the Vikings’ All-1970s Team?

    It really feels good, knowing that you were appreciated. It means so much when they still show you love after your playing days are over. I just got a card from a guy to sign that talked about old-time players, and how different things are. We played 100 percent every play, for the love of the game. There’s a new breed today.

    The Vikings let Daunte Culpepper go, and he ended up in Miami — with one of your former teammates (Mike Mularkey, once a Minnesota tight end) as his offensive coordinator. What do you make of that?

    I pull for them to get in the playoffs every year, but letting Daunte get away? Not only is he an experienced, starting quarterback, but you put any kind of receivers around him, and that guy is a big plus for your team. These days, the passing game opens up the running game in the NFL. He’ll be fine in Miami; they’re putting together a good team down there. But it’s unfortunate for the Vikings.

    Five Questions with Grambling's Sammy White

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    Re: Five Questions with Sammy White

    "We played 100 percent every play, for the love of the game. There’s a new breed today."

    There definitely is. Nowadays, it's all about money.

    What many of the younguns on this site may not know, players back then had regular jobs in the offseason to support their families. Most players couldn't do it on their NFL salary alone.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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