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    Five facts about the 1987 strike

    [size=13pt]Five facts about the 1987 strike[/size]

    Last Updated 12:41 am PDT Wednesday, October 31, 2007
    Story appeared in SPORTS section, Page C1

    Five facts about the 1987 strike..............

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    Re: Five facts about the 1987 strike

    Good find Sing, thanks.
    Maybe I am reading into it to much.
    But, the Redskins went 3-0, and the Vikings went 0-3 in the replacement games.
    The Vikings lost the NFC Championship game to the Redskins at Washington.
    Without the replacement players in the first 3 games maybe the Vikings would have been hosting the Skins at the Dome.
    The Vikings would have won the Super Bowl that year.
    I know, it is a reach.
    But in light of the dismal season we are in the midst of now it never hurts to dream.
    Maybe we would be better off to pray.

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    Re: Five facts about the 1987 strike

    If we did win... would we want to be known for the team that lost 4 superbowls and the only one we could win was the strike year superbowl?
    I think that would sit as well as the 4 we lost.

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