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    The Final Word Power Poll - Week 9

    My apologies for being late with the only NFL Power Poll based on the single stat which matters.

    Indianapolis - 8-0
    Chicago - 7-1
    3. (tie) New England - 6-2
    3. (tie) Baltimore - 6-2
    3. (tie) Denver - 6-2
    3. (tie) San Diego - 6-2
    3. (tie) NY Giants - 6-2
    3. (tie) New Orleans - 6-2
    9. (tie) Jacksonville - 5-3
    9. (tie) Kansas City - 5-3
    9. (tie) Atlanta - 5-3
    9. (tie) Seattle - 5-3
    13. (tie) Minnesota - 4-4
    13. (tie) NY Jets - 4-4
    13. (tie) Cincinnati - 4-4
    13. (tie) Dallas - 4-4
    13. (tie) Philadelphia - 4-4
    13. (tie) Carolina - 4-4
    13. (tie) St. Louis - 4-4
    20. (tie) Buffalo - 3-5
    20. (tie) Washington - 3-5
    20. (tie) Green Bay - 3-5
    20. (tie) San Francisco - 3-5
    24. (tie) Miami - 2-6
    24. (tie) Cleveland - 2-6
    24. (tie) Pittsburgh - 2-6
    24. (tie) Houston - 2-6
    24. (tie) Tennessee - 2-6
    24. (tie) Oakland - 2-6
    24. (tie) Detroit - 2-6
    24. (tie) Tampa Bay - 2-6
    32. Arizona - 1-7


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: The Final Word Power Poll - Week 9

    The other peasants:


    Bears (3)
    No doubt it's painful, but come on, it's a sprained big toe. Who knew you could even sprain your big toe? No way that keeps Brian Urlacher from playing this week.

    Vikings (18)
    Missing: the Minnesota offense. If you've seen the Vikings' playmakers, please contact Brad Childress.

    Packers (22)
    When Brett Favre doesn't make mistakes, the Pack win. Green Bay is 0-4 when Favre throws an interception. It's 3-1 when he doesn't.

    Lions (26)
    Detroit's Dominic Raiola on Atlanta's DeAngelo Hall, who hit a sliding Jon Kitna. 'He really disgusts me as a DB, as a cheap-shot artist. I promise you: If I see him on the field again, I will try to take his head off.'

    [size=12pt]CBS Sportsline[/size]

    Bears (2)
    We'll call what happened a mulligan. The word is they got a little too full of themselves. That's how you lose games in this league.

    Vikings (15)
    If there was a better option at quarterback, a change would be coming. But is Brooks Bollinger better than Brad Johnson?

    Packers (23)
    This is another young team that is still fighting. It's too bad their old quarterback let them down last week.

    Lions (26)
    Mike Martz has this offense playing well, which we expect. They're not going to be easy for any team that comes to Detroit.

    [size=12pt]Fox Sports[/size]

    Bears (4)
    Did you hear that massive clunk shake the world at roughly 4 p.m. on Sunday? Yeah, that was the entire country -- including me -- jumping off the Bears bandwagon. The Dolphins ruined yet another flawless Bears season Sunday afternoon, winning at Soldier Field in convincing fashion. Suddenly, the Bears' accomplishments thus far look a bit less glamorous than they did a week ago. Their opponents this year? Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, Seattle, Buffalo, Arizona, and Miami. There may not be a playoff squad amongst that seven. Aside from Seattle, none of those teams are even above .500. Things don't get any easier for Chicago, either. The Giants, Jets and Patriots are up ahead.

    Vikings (18)
    Two weeks ago, the Vikings were 4-2 and hot on the Bears’ heels in the NFC North. After two heart-breaking losses—a blowout to the Patriots and an inexplicable dud against San Francisco—Minnesota is now just another .500 squad in the cluttered NFC. The Vikings can easily rebound, though, with a favorable stretch coming up. Minny plays 3-5 Green Bay, 2-6 Miami, and 1-7 Arizona over the course of the next three weeks.

    Packers (22)
    The Pack squandered the chance to get to the .500 mark with a tough loss in Buffalo on Sunday afternoon. Even in the loss, though, Ahman Green continued to dazzle. Green, a sure-fire candidate for NFL Comeback Player of the Year, racked up 122 yards — his third straight 100-yard effort. Green Bay’s now 3-5 with four straight games with potential playoff teams up ahead. If they can escape the stretch with two wins, Brett Favre’s postseason dreams may have a beating pulse. Anything less, and there will be NFL draft talk in Wisconsin just in time for the holidays.

    Lions (27)
    The Lions played heroically Sunday, toppling the red-hot Falcons 30-14 at home. Roy Williams continued his All-Pro caliber season, hauling in six balls for 138 yards, including a ridiculous one-handed grab. Jon Kitna played arguably his best game of the season—throwing for 321 yards and a touchdown as well. The most impressive aspect of the Lions' performance, though, was the defense. Despite being undermanned and without stud defensive end Shaun Rogers, the Lions contained the Falcons potent running attack.

    [size=12pt]Dr. Z-SI[/size]

    Bears (3)
    Damn double-crossers. I was going to call up Gary Fencik, the all-pro safetyman on the '85 Bears and do a player by player comparison, those against these. Then I was going to back it up even farther and compare the current team to the 1940 Monsters of the Midway. Still back ... the Sneakers Game, Nagurski and Grange and Beattie Feathers ... way, way back, the Decatur Staleys and Halas and the great battles with the Nesser Brothers. It was going to be an all-time orgy of comparing, one of the great memory lane pieces this Web site has ever seen. The Dolphins ruined all that.

    Vikings (13)
    All the crazy, unexplained losses can make you cynical, if you let them. As I told my wife the other day, "Straight up, underdogs lead favorites, 258-192, so far." "Wait a minute, 450 games haven't been played," she said. "See," I said, "didn't I tell you it was a crazy year."

    Packers (21)
    Does it annoy them that players with home fields whose stadium walls are low enough have been copying the Lambeau Leap? I think it's to their credit that there's been no major outcry from Packers players (unless I missed it), not, ahem, like another team I'll mention later on, which provoked a serious controversy. I'm not kidding, it's real serious. Wait, you'll see.

    Lions (27)
    From Rod Marinelli, who wins the award for most quoted coach of the day. Talking about his QB, Jon Kitna: "This is what makes him special. The guy is tougher than nails. He might be the best fist-fighting quarterback in the league." Oh man, does this open up possibilities. How about an offseason boxing tournament, among all the NFL QBs? First bout of the program ... Brett Favre against the Giants' 285-pound Jared Lorenzen.


    Bears (3)
    With Mike Brown on the shelf and Brian Urlacher now hobbled, the Bears should be a little concerned about their run defense… especially with the Giants up next.

    Vikings (16)
    At .500, the Vikings are still very much in the thick of a weak NFC playoff race. But Brad Johnson’s struggles raise questions about the Vikings decision to enter the season without a competent backup.

    Packers (24)
    With the Packers going nowhere this season, Brett Favre needs to make a commitment one way or the other regarding his status for next year. If he’s not going to be around, the team needs to start getting Aaron Rogers some snaps in live action.

    Lions (25)
    With San Francisco, Arizona and Miami next on the schedule, the Lions could find themselves flirting with the .500 mark if they continue to play like they did against the Falcons.

    [size=12pt]Gridiron Grumblings[/size]

    Bears (2)
    Vikings (15)
    Packers (20)
    Lions (26)

    [size=12pt]Football Outsiders[/size]

    Bears (1)
    Vikings (17)
    Packers (20)
    Lions (25)
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: The Final Word Power Poll - Week 9

    It sounds like the offense is our problem.

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