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Super. We're not that far from a playoff birth. I like that

However, it's not actually a tie for the 1st place between those two teams, per the rules of the TFWPP, now is it?
The staff at TFWPP had a long debate about that.
Technically, you are correct.
However, do to some major man-love for Peyton Manning and the Colts (as well as a touch of Bob Sandersitis), the decision was made to keep the Colts in a tie for the top spot, due to their lack of losses.
I see that there can exist a problem

What are the sexual counter benefits gathered by the TFWPP staff in this deal?
None, really.
Most of them have never kissed a girl before to which they were not related by blood or marriage.
Sad really. But understandable
TFWPP management would hire eunuchs if there were enough of them that knew Unix.

[/quote]That's a given. Of course they would.

But then the world is always in short demands of eunuchs.