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Thread: Favre's Wife

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    Favre's Wife

    I'm not a Packer fan at all, but I do feel bad for Favre a little bit ...

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    Favre's Wife

    That sucks :-(

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    Favre's Wife

    Yeah, the guy can't seem to get a break in his family. First his Dad, then his brother-in-law, now his wife. Bummer.
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    Favre's Wife

    yeah, i just saw that on the milwaukee news here, and teh sportscaster said hes pretty sure favres hanging it up after this season because of all the crap thats been happening to his family. viking fan or packer fan, its a sad thing to see all this bad stuff happen to one family, no matter who you root for.
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    Favre's Wife

    Bad news... Best wished out to the Favre family.

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    Favre's Wife

    Man...Brett can't catch a break, can he? Makes you wonder if the iron man is going to collapse soon under all of this crap.

    Deanna Favre is a wonderful lady, by the way (and yes, she put up with his carousing in the 90's and such). She's a southern belle who does a lot of charity work. Hopefully she pulls through this one.
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    Favre's Wife

    That's really too bad!! Stuff like this is outside the realm of football and if you don't feel sorry for someone or feel bad for them, you have no feelings whatsoever! Good luck to the Favre family on overcoming these obstacles! (at least obstacles that don't involve beating the VIKES!)

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    Favre's Wife

    I feel for the Favre family and Deanna!

    I do not know how Brett could go out and play knowing that his wife cancer, I would have been a basket case.
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    Favre's Wife

    Bad news for the Redskins, he is going to go mental on them this weekend. Favre, finds his escape on the field.

    This kind of stuff makes Favre stronger.

    Just like the saying goes, "if it doesn't kill ya, it will make you stronger."

    If something would drive him to retire this would be it. The other recent events involving family member was bad but the incidents never invaded his immediate household. Now that it is his wife facing mortality, it makes you think about your kids and yourself even more.

    Even with the recent events (dad,brother-in-law,wife) the only thing I ever heard as rationale for retirement was his want to see his children grow up before they are all grown up.

    Apparently Favre has a lot of family support to help out and family support for him to keep playing. He will be fine.

    It also sounds like the operation went well and that has to be some relief. Now wait for the Kemo to do its thing.

    I really don't want to play the Pack 2 times this year. I wish we would have gotten a game out of the way earlier in the season.

    I was just recently (oct 2nd) at a race for the cure event in Houston. It is amazing to see the survivors out there. First of all to realize that that many people had cancer and then to realize all these people survived cancer. It was very emotional seeing the survivors and the family member of those who lost family to cancer cross that finish line.

    Prayers to all!

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