"Turboe" wrote:
Am I the only one who has secretly hoped that Favre would play for another team. I would love to see him in another color jersey, more than see him retire. One just because I know it would tweak my Packer fan buddies to see him leave their beloved team. I mean can you imagine how they would feel next year having to root against Favre possibly in a game.

As long as he didnt end up in our division, I would love to see him go elsewhere for a year or two. Maybe even have some moderate success just to really piss them off.

I just think the way Green Bay identifies with him (and vice versa) that it will never happen, but I would love to see it. Can you imagine if he goes to some cushy warm weather climate what would John Madden have to say without talking about him being such a warrior out there on the "Frozen Tundra"? I can see Favre's retirement game in 1-2 years coming to you live from South Beach. I think it would be awesome.

Now lets really step into a parallel-universe fantasy world and see Brett win a superbowl (or heaven forbid a couple) somewhere else and go into the hall of fame in a jersey other than Green Bay. Wouldnt that be funny. Sacrelidge to many, but a funny thought none the less.
Like the thoughts, makes me smile just thinking about my Packer fan buddies writhing around for a few years.