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He's also sent alot of pain to the vikings in their own house the last couple of years. What a legend.
Will Favre get the last laugh at the dome? I think so. :-*
Well that legend lost to the vikings in the playoffs in his own house, not to mention twice more that year.

When has the (cough) great one ever beat the Vikings 3 times in one year?
Someone will be sweeping again this year and #4 will be in the house.

Cajun your a funny f@cker, keep up the goodwork LOL. In about 90% of your posts you talk about hillbillys and incest and in-breeding, your scaring me man.

90% of my posts, huh?
Somebody failed math in elementary school (you)..but look on the bright side...you FINALLY grad-yu-ated the SIXTH grade...just like Jethro Bodine!!!
You still want to be a brain surgeon or a double-naught spy when you grow up?
Oh boy you just ripped me apart on that one blackenedcajunvike, I am speechless.
please more with the in-breeding your better at that, you know more about that!

Oh ho...yet another troll who comes in here and tries to pick of the lead dog by playing the "ivory tower" card!
Get over yourself, dude!

Hey BCV read your flippin posts you started with your in-breeding and hillbilly name calling, whos the troll? LOL check yourself! Keep up the good work, LOL!