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    Fassel & Billick... Cottrell & Tice?

    Fassel screwing Billick? Cottrell screwing Tice?

    Fassel wanting Billick's job is probably the NFL's worst kept secret (see below for link) since he joined as a "consultant", and now with Fassel as OC, how obvious is it that Fassel is somehow tampering with his offense to get Billick kicked out of the job?

    With the offense even worse than it was last year (Boller or no Boller), I'm absolutely convinced Fassel is making some kind of career move with Billick on the hot seat.

    Kinda leads me to the Vikings... could Cottrell be pulling some strings to seal Tice's fate? Doesn't explain our offensive woes since Loney is just plain crap, but if you look at how our defense played in game 1, you would think with the personnel we have we could have done done a lot better against the Bengals.

    I'll reserve my judegement until I see more of our defense, but Cottrell has no excuse to not be able to run his "complex" schemes with the good players we now have.

    POSTED 11:54 a.m. EDT, September 20, 2005


    We're hearing rumblings in league circles that the blatant aspiration of Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Fassel to nail down another head coaching job centers on the potential vacancy in the town where he already works.

    Of course, Fassel won't have a chance to squat on the Ravens' gig unless and until his buddy Brian the Brain gets dumped. Coach Billick brought Fassel to Baltimore after Fassel was fired by the Giants. Fassel was passed over for potential promotions to the top job elsewhere in 2004, so he ascended from the role of consultant to O.C. with the Ravens.

    Recently, there were reports of a rift between Billick and Fassel. We heard that the cat fight has its roots in Fassel's desire to increase his profile in the hopes of making the jump back into the head coaching fraternity.

    And with Fassel's eyes fixed on the seat occupied by his pal Brian, things could get even uglier for a Ravens team that has limped to an 0-2 start.

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    Re: Fassel & Billick... Cottrell & Tice?

    I'll take Billick

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Re: Fassel & Billick... Cottrell & Tice?

    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    I'll take Billick
    Definitely...that would be sweet. If he could bring in some good coordinators, we would be money.

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    Re: Fassel & Billick... Cottrell & Tice?

    Cottrell would only be signing his own Pink slip by doing that. "IF" and "When" Wilfi cleans house ... he will clean out the entire house. Not just Tice's room.

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    Re: Fassel & Billick... Cottrell & Tice? 29

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