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    Farve will return if the Packers improve QB position

    Brett Favre issued an ultimatum to the Green Bay Packers today, saying he won’t return to the team unless they show they are dedicated to making a playoff run by improving the team’s vastly underperforming quarterback position.

    “Anyone who watched this team play the last few years knows we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a Super Bowl unless we get better play out of the quarterback position,” said Favre. “Not to make a personal attack, but our quarterback has been terrible. It’s impossible to win in this league when you have a guy back there who repeatedly throws into double, triple and even quadruple coverage. And at this stage in my career I want to be on a winning team. Either they bring in a good quarterback who gives us a legitimate shot at winning some games or I’m retiring.”

    Favre said it’s most important that the team acquire a quarterback who is not only talented, but also accountable for his own actions.

    “You get the sense that our quarterback thinks he’s above reproach,” said Favre. “He’ll just run past the line of scrimmage and flip the ball ahead, or blindly chuck a pass into triple coverage in a crucial part of the game for an interception and then just kind of smile and shrug as if to say: ‘Hey, I am who I am. I’m a gunslinger. I can do what I want and nothing is ever my fault because people think I’m a nice guy.’ That’s simply not the kind of attitude you want in a team leader. He points fingers at everyone else as though they’re to blame, when he’s our team’s biggest problem.”

    New Packers head coach Mike McCarthy says he is very aware of his team’s quarterback problems.

    “You look at tapes from last year and, yes, while we had some protection problems from time to time and we’re not chock full of All-Pros at the skill positions, even when our quarterback had protection he’d throw into triple coverage or overthrow a wide open receiver by five or 10 yards. That’s not anyone else’s fault but his own,” said McCarthy. “So even if we had Hall of Famers on the line and Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Edgerrin James at the skill positions, it won’t change the fact that our quarterback play is abysmal. So while I don’t necessarily like to hear it from him, I can’t blame Brett for what he’s saying. I wouldn’t want to play for a team quarterbacked by Brett Favre either.”

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    Re: Farve will return if the Packers improve QB position

    Are pickels the reason Farve cries?

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    Re: Farve will return if the Packers improve QB position

    you spelt his name wrong in the title

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