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    Fantasy Q&A with Bill Cowher

    Pretty interesting read on my FFLs website at

    Its a pretty nice sight...good info, good stats, easy to access moves, does cost a few bucks though...

    I guess, you might not get to see it, unless you're in, but here is a link and some nuggets

    After New England did what they did last year offensively, could an NFL head coach not named Belichick look at the Pats' film and see how they could implement some of what they did into their offense?

    Cowher: Yeah, you always look. All the projects that coaches go through in the offseason are based on the success other teams had in every area whether it's offense, defense or special teams. What they do is see if they can incorporate anything they see with the people they have...

    Cowher: I think coaches are very much guilty of trying to implement players into their schemes as opposed as trying to fit schemes into players. That's the thing that can separate good coaches from bad. Sometimes it's a good marriage and you can have the players fit into what you want to do, but to me, what separates those good coaches are the ones who can adapt a plan based on what they have, not based on trying to fit guys into what they're doing. A lot of times, you'll see that through the course of a season. You may go through a situation where you may have a couple of tight ends get hurt in a game and you may not have that package at your disposal, so you've got to be able to adapt to what you have health-wise. And, you have to adapt to what your team's personality becomes as the season unfolds. Who are the players that are starting to step forward and separate themselves as being guys you can count on? Then what you do is start catering to a philosophy that's able to expand and exploit that strength.

    Cowher: I think everything is cyclical, to be honest. The passing game has become that way because a lot of the rules have been catered to being able to throw the ball. A lot of rules cater to high scoring, and that's what people believe makes for a more entertaining game...Certainly, a defense is much fresher if you're able to run the football and shorten the game. A lot of it has to be catered to your football team and what you do best.

    ...On young player development...

    On the offensive line and defensive line, it's still about the guy in front of you. From the skill positions, they go up against very complex defenses, and then you couple that with the offensive nuances every team has and trying to play the game fast without hesitation or thinking too much, and it takes a while to pick up. You want to pick a rookie and not move him around so much, and that way they can all learn their position quicker. Then what happens is that the longer they stay in the league and learn the nuances, the better they get.
    (*hope I'm not exceeding the limits!*)
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

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    Re: Fantasy Q&A with Bill Cowher

    Good stuff mountainvike.

    Cowher: I think coaches are very much guilty of trying to implement players into their schemes as opposed as trying to fit schemes into players.
    A lot of people could argue both ways with the Vikings on this one.

    Reality is for most teams is that you have a scheme in mind that you want to run, you try to pick the best players you can to optimize the scheme, but at the end of the day, you have what you have, and you need to make the best of it.

    Whether the Vikings have done this or not is debatable.
    I lean towards the lack of talent on offense has limited our ability to show the offense.
    I think this is still the case, just not as dramatic this year compared to the last two.

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