"gamecocksbaseball31" wrote:
I don't remember where I read this, but James was quoted saying "THey have been real good to me in Washington.
They have been patient with me unlike in Minnesota.
THey wanted me to do everything right away etc."
I don't remember exactly but it was something like that saying Washington has been so much better to him then Minnesota was.

Hopefully he finds his way to the field again and plays well.
At first I was going to wish him the best of luck, but after reading that last post, if he truly did make a statement like that,
well screw him.
I hope his career never takes off, and he is just as usless from the Skins, as he was here.

But if that story doesn't pan out,
I'de still wish him the best.
For me, his time here just ran out, one injury after another.
We gave him plenty of time to heal.