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    With Emmitt Smith out, could ESPN get Brett Favre?

    Analyst Emmitt Smith exiting ESPN puts some prime NFL air time up for grabs.
    ESPN dropping Smith isn't surprising. After starring both in the NFL and on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, he was a prized prospect. Until, that is, the red lights went on in pregame shows and Smith noted the need for "carousing" ball carriers, players who'd had "rites of patches" and teams that "got debacled" and that you "can't change the stripes of a leopard."

    You know I'm not shocked he just had a hard time with words sorta like Magic Johnson.
    I bet he lands on the NFL Network. It's kinda funny he had a TV show here in AZ when he played for the Cards and it was just terrible.

    Good luck Emmitt!

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    Re: With Emmitt Smith out, could ESPN get Brett Favre?

    IMO, Madden would love to have him broadcasting games with him instead.

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    Re: With Emmitt Smith out, could ESPN get Brett Favre?

    [size=13pt]Emmitt Smith blew out ... blowed out ... blown out of ESPN[/size]

    By Chris Chase

    Ladies and gentleman, you won't have Emmitt Smith to kick around any more. As was reported in the Forth Worth Star-Telegram this weekend, Smith will not return to ESPN next fall. ESPN "let his contract expire" which is media-speak for "dude got canned."
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    Re: With Emmitt Smith out, could ESPN get Brett Favre?

    Man, I'm glad it wasn't just me...couldn't follow his logic, nor, understand him.
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