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    The Elusive Rating

    Another interesting article by the PFF guys, i.e. the "Elusive Rating". Not the Quadratic Formula, but close enough...(MTrush+MTrec)/(Rec+Att)*(YCo/Att*100).

    The Elusive Rating

    Another back whose workload has always been carefully monitored is Peterson. The load-sharing dynamic in the Vikings' backfield last season was an interesting one, with Peterson doing much of the dirty work, and Chester Taylor being responsible largely for the third-down duties, in part because of his ability as a pass receiver and his shifty nature after the catch. It might surprise some (it certainly surprised us) to see Taylor rank dead last of all runners who qualified in Elusive Rating, with a score of just 8.03.

    By contrast, Peterson was able to fight his way to a score of 48.60, good enough for ninth overall. Perhaps the inability of Taylor to get any more than was available factored into Minnesota's decision to allow him to leave in free agency, and their aggressive trade up in the draft to secure Toby Gerhart, whose game tape is all about gaining more yards than should feasibly be there.
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    Re: The Elusive Rating

    Interesting, but rather confusing. I think I need to read it again when I am less tired.
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