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    Edwards Super Bowl boycott continues

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- While the Bears and Colts do battle in a historic clash between black head coaches in Sunday's Super Bowl, Herm Edwards may be all alone in a nearly empty movie theater.

    Or maybe the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and close friend of Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy will seek out some quiet room to read a book. He could be at the office going over tapes of college players who have caught his eye, or listening to music or taking a nap.

    One thing's for sure. He will not be watching Smith's Bears and Dungy's Colts decide the championship of the NFL. After thinking about it, he has decided to remain true to his long-standing personal vow to boycott all Super Bowls until the next one he gets to take part in.

    There have been reports that Edwards would break down and watch, or even be at the game because his two close friends will be the first black head coaches to get their teams there.

    "Bad information," he said Wednesday with a grin. "I'm not going."

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    Re: Edwards Super Bowl boycott continues

    Sometime watching might be the better motivation.

    Otherwise you might not really know what you are missing.

    It is ok to watch, as long as one is not content with where they are sitting.

    He is being an idiot or just down playing it.

    There are quite a few times when I think that Herm is not the brightest bulb.

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