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The Front office payed Wade and Shiancoe a pretty hefty sum of cash, and neither of those are impact players.
I will never take the amount a player makes in Free Agency as a sign of their level of talent, since every year, lesser players get paid more than established players do who were unfortunate to sign their contract a few years prior.
Wade was arguably our most productive receiver last year.
Hnd should have increased production with Berrian on the team, as he can focus on acting as the slot guy which is where he excels.

Shank was a huge disapointment though for the money he is making.
You can shine and polish a turd as much as you want, and sit it on top of other turds, but in the end you still have a pile of pooh
A player is either good or he isn't. The amount of money a team decides to pay him for his services doesn't change that.

I always laugh when people use the amount of money a player gets to evaluate his talent on the field.

A player doesn't play any better if he's making 1 mil a year or 5 mil. It's still the same player.
I truly understand what you are saying. But. If you told this to a Seachicken fan, I wonder if he would agree with you (Shaun Alexander).