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    Re:Eagles dump Westbrook.

    Dont like the idea of Westbrook or LT here. Lets concentrate on paying AD and CT to contract extentions.

    Yes I said it. AD needs a raise. He is the second best RB in the league. He is the face of the franchise. He will rebound from the fumbles IMO.

    Sorry if I piss some of you off with this. But if 3 of the five top paid RB's got cut this year(And Reggie Bush will be cut soon as well,or restructured) than pay him a raise!

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    Re:Eagles dump Westbrook.

    gregair13 wrote:
    I would take Westbrook before LT any day. He would had a sexy dynamic to our backfield. Him and Harvin with AP in some kind of wildcat crazy formation, good luck stopping that.

    I would too...but with the concussions, I'd move on.
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