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Dovonte played his second game of the year today and he notched a career high 9 tackles, 6 solo and 3 assist

I saw some of the game and it looks that Dovonte have moved up the chart, at sometimes they where leaving him alone with Owens.

Also former Viking Greg Blue played for the Lions today, his Lions debut, he also had a nice game and played most of the second half. He had 6 tackles 4 solo and 2 assist and he also recovered a goal-line fumble by Jason Witten. He set quite a name for him self today, maybe he can start next week..

Congrats on the playing time to both.

gol 'darnit thats crazy!!

I liked Dovonte.. But Charles Gordon is playing very solid football for us
Its Whitaker I dont like and gave up Dovonte for. But Whitaker was Childress' guy brought in so Dovonte had to go intead that got me mad and look now. Looks like hes paying off for them\

Why does everybody we let go become greatness. Players- Dovonte, Greg Blue (We should have kept him for the sole reason we could say "Blue, Your my boy Blue!!!
;D ) CJ Mosley had a good game in preseason I remember Many players
Coaches- Tomlin, Dungy, Pete Caroll so many.
Speaking of CJ Mosley he was doing a phone interview for a London, Ontario (Canada) radio station, last week.

Hahaha what a bum....