"cogitans" wrote:
"Vikes" wrote:
Did anyone hear that Rhodes had a accident in his pants while sitting in the police car?
ESPN PTI hinted at something.
I tried to make a quick look around, because I think I also heard that he wet himself.

But I couldn't find a source for it, so as of now I consider it just one of those evil rumors.

From ProfootballTalk.com ... They link the Indy Star article in there....

As it turns out, adult diapers aren't only for astronuts who drive 900 miles to (allegedly) try to kill a romantic rival.

They also can be used by folks who have had a little too much to drink.

One guy who could have used one this week is Colts running back Dominic Rhodes, who reportedly urinated all over himself while sitting in a police cruiser after failing two field sobriety tests.

He only blew a 0.09.
If he'd really been drunk, we suppose he would have peed, puked, and pooped.