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Thread: Dom Capers

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    Dom Capers

    If I had to pick a coach from the NFL's just cut list, I would pick Capers to be our HC at this point. He is a defensive minded coach that has had some success in carolina and houston did well in their third season. i know he just came off of a crappy 2-14 record, but houston was in a lot of those games they blew. my only concern is that he is too patient--meaning he sees everything as a process to having a better team and the vikes already have a good team, they just need to win. that being said, of the choices out there that have direct NFL coaching experience he would be a good coach for us. however, as long as it is not martz or mariucci, i don't really care. bye bye tice.

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    Re: Dom Capers


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    Re: Dom Capers

    Dom Capers?
    I believe you want us to lose but if you think Dom is right for us I got to respect your opinion.
    "Big names don't win big games, Big hearts win big games"--ChosenOne

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    Re: Dom Capers

    Gimme some of that good stuff your on? Wow capers? Are you just trying to get us going?

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