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    Dolphins work out former Cowboys QB Quincy Carter

    [size=10pt]Dolphins work out former Cowboys QB Quincy Carter[/size]

    The Miami Dolphins drew another name from the past of Bill Parcells on Thursday, working out former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter. But Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said the workout is merely an evaluation of Carter, an arena league quarterback who started for the Cowboys and New York Jets before poor play and drug-related arrests ended his NFL career...
    its true.
    Bill's lost it.

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    Re: Dolphins work out former Cowboys QB Quincy Carter

    The Dallas media was viewing this today as Bill being nice and having a heart. He was the one who cut Carter back in 2004. Carter had some drug issues and they see this as Bill's way of doing the guy a favor. But all they are doing is letting him throw the ball around. It means very little, until they sign him. Still, a nice gesture.

    "And Bill promised him some Dolphins swag..." (ESPN radio today)...

    I actually read a book written by Parcells about his final season as a Jets head coach. One point he made was, QBs in the NFL are overrated as a position, and you could, according to Bill, plug in any of a number of guys, into the position, and make it work. That is why it comes down to "who Bill likes". Not sure I agree with him on that, though. I doubt Tony Dungee would agree.

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    Re: Dolphins work out former Cowboys QB Quincy Carter


    The state of the QB's in the NFL are that bad that a team would actually work him out.

    Remember, it wasn't that long ago that Vinny actually came back and we see alot of teams going with the "Let the Young guy play" approach in an attempt to solve thier long term QB issues.

    I blame the colleges for going with the "Spread Offense" approach for the reason we don't have any quality QB's in the league, at least enough for every team to have one plus another halfway decent kid that can act as a reliable backup.
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