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Thread: A dis on Hovan

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    Re: A dis on Hovan

    [quote="Del Rio"]I have stated my displeasure of us signing Pat way before I knew he made your denim rise.

    I never really liked Hovan, I think the he and the fans put too much pressure on him. He was always just an ok DT. He couldn't live up to your expectations.

    Hovan could not live up to any expectations of a first round draft pick!
    Good ridence. Spenc will still contribute. Pat will definetly help the rest of our line.

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    Re: A dis on Hovan

    "DoraTheExplorer" wrote:
    Fat Pat is not the kind of tackle that puts up numbers like Kevin Williams. He's kind of like Jabba the Hut: He's obese and can't really move, but you can't screw with him or you get killed!

    HAHA nice comparison! Jaba the hut thats frickin hilarious :lol:

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