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    Directv Discounts

    I tried to search for this subject, but couldnt find anything over the last 3 months or so. Im sure some of you do the annual call to Directv to get them to come off of their regular pricing for Sunday Ticket. I thought it might be useful to others to hear what some of you got in rebates or price reductions.

    I called today (Aug. 26th) I called their 800 number and when the computer asked what I was calling for, I said CANCEL SERVICE. This automatically gets you to a rep whose job is to talk you out of cancelling.

    I spoke to Stacy. I told Stacy that I was thinking about cancelling Directv and moving my TV service over to COMCAST (our cable company). I told her that I could get a great bundled price since I was already getting my internet service through COMCAST.

    By the end of the phone call she had agreed to reduce the price of Sunday ticket by 50%. She also gave me free Sunday Ticket streaming for this season. This allows Sunday Ticket subscribers to watch their games on their PC or Smartphone. She also gave me free DVR service for a year (saves $7 a month) and took an additional $10 per month right off the bill for 1 year. (That extra $120 per year throw in damn near pays for the cost of Sunday Ticket).

    She also told me that if I switched my Internet provider to AT&T for $29.95 per month, they could bundle the Internet service and Directv and then take an additional $10 a month off for a year.

    I felt pretty good about the call..... Did anyone else get anything more? If so...what did you tell them to get them to come down on pricing?
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    Re: Directv Discounts

    I still have to make the call. I am getting Sunday Ticket for free if they like it or not. :evil:

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    Re: Directv Discounts

    NFL Ticket is free to all new DirectTV subscribers.

    If your contract with them is up. I'd threaten them with going to DISH Network or your local cable company unless they give you NFL ticket for free.

    They are rewarding new customers & not loyal ones. If you don't get satisfaction from the representative you talk to, call another one.

    They threw 50% off at you & you took it, but did you try & scoff at that offer & go for "free"?

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    Re: Directv Discounts

    I actually made out with my deal..... 50% off of $340 = $170. Then they gave me an additional $10 off my DTV bill per month for one year ($120) Leaves me a balance of $50 bucks..... Then they took off my DVR charge for one year saving me $84 for the year..... Now they are paying me $34 to keep Sunday Ticket. They also reduced my HBO & Showtime subscription cost by $10 per month 6 months.... Bottom line is that over the course of the next year, they are giving me $94 back instead of charging me $340....(a $434 difference) just for making the call. My deal turned out better than getting Sunday Ticket for free.
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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