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Thread: Derrick Johnson

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    Re: Derrick Johnson

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    I think that Derrick Johnson did nothing Friday and that Erasmus was the bomb. He looks like the real deal! Granted it was against ther second and third teams for KC, but he looks like a player maker and is very explosive off the line.

    Rookie of the year Erasmus James!!!!

    I agree. While watching the replay of the game on NFL network I basically watched Erasmus the whole time. He has a really fast first step and it seems like he has good moves to get to the QB. One play the Qb dropped back and erasmus had already sup past the OT and just barely didnt sack the QB. I was amazed. :shock: Yeah, it was against 3rd team but w/e he is still good.

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    Re: Derrick Johnson

    I would still rather have DJ and Erasmus intsead of williamson. Who will probably won't see a whole lot of PT this year.

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