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Thread: Denver Wins!!

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    Re: Denver Wins!!

    "so-cal vike" wrote:
    Once the Vikings were eliminated from playoff contention, I threw my support to Denver. They knocked out last year's champs and are on their way to becoming the next SB champs.
    That's what i like to hear...come on guys save yourself some time and just pick denver now. that way you don't have to be wrong when the steelers lose!

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    Re: Denver Wins!!

    While I like Cower, I still have to say "F" the Steelers.

    Oh and of course "F" the Raiders. :twisted:

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    Re: Denver Wins!!

    i would like to compliment the media for thier wonderful coverage of denver this post season, oh wait, i didnt hear a word about denver from any of the media ever.
    I m Down For A Boat Party

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