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Thread: Denver Broncos

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    Denver Broncos

    I just watched the Denver game. There is one thing that I can never get used to when watching a team that I root for. I'm not a Broncos fan, but I had them in the pool this week so I was hoping they'd win. No big deal. The thing I hate to see is when the opposition's receivers are wide open time and time again. I've never seen such a display of constant non-coverage in my life. They should have gone off the field and rested up for all the pass defence they provided. And this from a 5-1, now 5-2 team. This team is going nowhere. I feel sorry for the offense which kept coming from behind and had to sit there and watch the Colts zip down the field without breaking a sweat, or having any worries about their QB being troubled by a rush of any kind.

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    Yah that was a strange game. Denver was actually having offensive drives but their defense wasn't coming up with those huge plays it was in the previous weeks. I root for Denver because my friends are Denver fans but I was shocked at the outcome of this game. They need both offense and defense to show up in order to be a Super Bowl contender

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    I watched that game as well.
    The Denver D reminded me of the Vikings D of the late 90's.
    I HATE the "Prevent"
    It is worthless when tied or leading by 7 points or less late in the 4th quarter.
    The Denver D did exactly what the Prevent was designed to do.
    Just slow done and force an opponent to work the ball down field in hopes they make a mistake and the D pounces on it.



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    Re: Denver Broncos

    About the open WRs, that is how the Colts operate.
    They always have open WRs.
    The WRs and Manning are pretty awesome.
    It seems that you need to have a solid rush from your front four to succeed against them.
    Most teams don't want to take the chance and blitz them.

    About the Broncos, they will bounce back.
    They may not have made a statement today, but their offense looks like they were alive, have to mention that the Colts are not the best D.
    The D had a bad game plan.

    Remember a couple years ago when we played the Colts, we couldn't stop them.
    Our D wasn't rated as high as the Broncos.
    The two teams traded blows between DC and Manning led offenses.
    It is amazing how consistant Manning is.

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    Peyton manning 32/39 345 yards 3 td no pick....can you say pwnage?

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    What is pwnage? I am not familiar with it.

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    "marantzo" wrote:
    What is pwnage? I am not familiar with it.

    Either Ownage or maybe Vonage?

    One smart choice among many stupid ones = Vonage!
    Look honey, Dolphins!

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    1. pwnage
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    Pure Ownage as used in online gaming to stress your superiority on all levels. Spawned from the root word pwn, which originated as a misspelling of the word own. Hence this stupid word is two screw-ups away from anything close to english.

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    "thevikingfan" wrote:
    Peyton manning 32/39 345 yards 3 td no pick....can you say pwnage?
    He must be a gamer.

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    Re: Denver Broncos

    By this time everyone should know that games = reality.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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