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    Degenerate Gambler

    Funny site.
    Excerpt from site:

    The Degenerate Gambler is a weekly column that sets over/unders on various things around the NFL. The Degenerate Gambler in no way endorses gambling, degenerate activities of any kind, or even reading this column.

    The Degenerate Gambler


    Number of Brett Favre interceptions: Over/Under: 23½.

    The call: Under. I think 23 is a fair place to set the line. Favre threw 29 interceptions last year, and truly remarkable seasons like that don't come along very often. You can play at that high of a level in stretches, but it's hard to do it in back-to-back seasons. By the same token, Shaun Alexander was great last year, and I expect him to be great again this year, but he's probably not getting back to 27 touchdowns.

    If you throw out the 29, Favre's other best interception year of his career was in 1993, when he threw 24 of them, and he hit the 23 mark in both '98 and '99. To hit the over, he's going to have to equal his pre-2005 career high, and I certainly have the utmost faith in his ability to play at that level. But I don't know if he'll play enough games. When Green Bay's 2-7, they've got to give some time to Aaron Rogers, don't they?

    Combined, Favre and Rogers will hit the over. Favre himself, though, is going under.
    Number of Brett Favre interceptions that are blamed on someone other than Brett Favre. Over/Under: 20.

    The call: Over. The most remarkable thing about Brett Favre's 29 interceptions last year was that not a single of them was his fault. What incredible bad luck this guy has. It was always a receiver's failure to make a move on the ball, or a breakdown in the offensive line, or the Wilson company manufacturing a football with poor aerodynamics, or a butterfly off the west coast of Africa flapping his wings, leading to a stiff breeze hitting Lambeau field at the wrong time, or the evil forces of gravity. All conspired against Favre last year.

    At least, that's what I understood from commentators. And granted, Favre is working with a pretty terrible supporting cast, and his line does leave him hanging, and his receivers do largely suck, but ... every now and then, one of them is his fault, despite with Joe Theismann would have you believe.

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    Re: Degenerate Gambler

    lol @ still calling 23 picks. i like this guy
    We're bringing purple back.

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