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    Death Curse For The Steelers?

    [size=18px]Death 'curse' strikes down gridiron stars[/size]

    THE team may have won the Super Bowl to become this year's American football champions, but a growing number of people are starting to suspect the Pittsburgh Steelers are cursed.

    Some 18 players who played for the Steelers in the 1970s and 1980s have died since 2000 - many of them in unusual or mysterious circumstances - while others have suffered unhappy events in life, such as divorce, at a far higher rate than normal.

    Bill Nunn, a retired scout for the club, said the death rate was concerning. "For that number of players to be gone at this stage - and they were all relatively young men - naturally, I was very surprised at the number," he said. And Joe Gordon, a Steelers representative from 1969 to 1998, added: "There is no explanation. We just shake our heads and ask why."

    The team seemed to be blessed in the 1970s, winning four Super Bowls in the decade to become one of the sport's greatest dynasties, but some of its most famous stars are among the victims.

    Hall of Fame legend and four-time Super Bowl winner Mike Webster, a centre whose nickname was "Iron Mike", died of heart failure in 2002.

    The latest player to die was Theo Bell, 52, a two-time Super Bowl victor who succumbed to kidney failure last month.

    Many of the deaths were more unusual. Steve Courson, 50, was killed after he apparently tried to save his dog, a black Labrador, from a falling tree in the back garden of his Pennsylvania home. Courson was found crushed with the dog, alive, still tangled around his legs.

    Justin Strzelczyk, 36, a former offensive lineman, was killed in a car crash in September 2004 after a 37-mile police chase which started when he fled the scene of an accident.

    David Little, 46, was lifting weights at his Miami home in March last year when he suffered a heart palpitation and dropped a 250lb barbell on his chest, which rolled on to his neck and suffocated him. Other deaths including the suicide of offensive tackle Terry Long, 45, who drank anti-freeze following a period of depression, bring the total to 18.

    From 2000 to 2006, some 77 former American football players have died. More than a fifth of those were members of the Steelers, which is one of 32 teams in the National Football League.

    Seven former players aged between 41 and 58 have died of heart failure, five of whom played in the offensive or defensive lines, where weight could have been an issue.

    Doctors believe steroids, rather than any kind of magical curse, could be a factor in several deaths, though this suspicion could not be proved.

    John Stallworth, a starring receiver for the Steelers from 1974 to 1987, said: "It's just an anomaly that we can't explain. From an emotional standpoint it just makes you sad and makes you feel like the time we spent together was even more precious."
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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?

    Dude, that's creepy stuff, especially considering Big Ben almost joined that list (even if it was due to his own stupidity).
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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?

    this story is fake
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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?

    Most of these players died because of abuse of steroids, and a lot of these 300lb+ players are going to develop health problems at an early age.

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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?

    "BradTheMan14" wrote:
    this story is fake
    no its not, theres a real death curse on the steelers ex-players

    :roll: thnx for pointing that out

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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?

    Creepy. Steriods does seem to make sense to me concerning some of those deaths.
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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?


    i wonder how you order one of these for the packers :twisted:
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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?

    In any case, it is very sad to see these guys die at such young ages.. Especially in such weird ways.. I mean, a tree falling on a guy, and his dog that is still alive is around his legs.. Then another has some kind of heart problem and drops a dumbell on his chest which in turn rolls on his neck causing him to suffocate..

    Those are just creepy deaths that are sure not heard of all that much, especially from pro football players that happened to be on the same team.. The suicides and the steroids can be explained, but those weird deaths are a little different..

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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?

    "mr.woo" wrote:

    i wonder how you order one of these for the packers :twisted:
    I hope you're kidding. Well, Bart Starr is getting up there :twisted:
    Just kidding.

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    Re: Death Curse For The Steelers?


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