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    Re: Davis shows why Raiders remain dysfunctional

    Awesome!! I'm lovin' it. I look to see Oakland chasing a two-win season. That meat-head, QB of the raiders has to have the playbook reduced down to a color-coded pop-up book. Red for run, green for pass, yellow for play-action, brown for...wait, Russel's head might explode. And the Raider Nation is faaar worse then Puker fans when it comes to taking a loss kinda hard. The domestic violence stats here in NorCal have skyrocketed the last 5 years, thanks to Raider Nation. However, Bring it up and all you hear is: Count the rings! count the rings! count the rings! Bitch!! Count the rings! count the rings!!! COUNT tHE RINGS!! AHHHAAHHHHHHH! F*ck you!!! Count the Rings!!! AHHHHAABWAHAAAAHH! You get a feeling what it's like debating a raider fan by reading the comments attatched to the story. Classic, typical, unavoidable. I feel sorry for alot of the old-school raider fans around here. They have to mix in with swaggering punks, trying to look tuff, sporting raider gear when they don't even follow the team. It's a supposed "hard-core" look. these guys even start crap with other raider fans. I've seen it first-hand. a messed up organization, for sure. Despite the 'Vikes shortcomings, thank God I follow the Vikings, and NOT the raiders.
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    Re: Davis shows why Raiders remain dysfunctional

    "pack93z" wrote:
    The game has well passed Davis by.. check that.. most everything in the world seems to have passed Davis by.. it is actually quite sad in a sense.. someone has to step up and relieve him.. ala Steinbrenner in NY.. his faculties aren't quite complete enough any longer to run an organization such as the Raiders.. IMO.
    Life has passed Davis by. Have you seen him lately?

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    Re: Davis shows why Raiders remain dysfunctional

    [size=13pt]Sources: Davis second-guessing offseason moves[/size]

    By Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports
    Jun 27, 12:38 pm EDT

    After years of doing things his way, Al Davis apparently believes it’s finally time to change his approach.

    Three sources who have had conversations with the Oakland Raiders general managing partner within the past two months said Davis has expressed regret over the team’s offseason spending spree on players and worries about his ability to end the longest-running slump in team history.
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    Re: Davis shows why Raiders remain dysfunctional

    Thanks for the update my friend......

    “You obviously don’t know Al Davis. Self-doubt is not part of the equation with Al Davis,” Taylor said. “I’m not going to justify this tripe, this drivel by even asking (Davis) for his response. It’s ludicrous, it’s insane, it’s rumor-mongering and it’s irresponsible journalism.
    This guy needs to wake up and smell the coffee.
    No way in hell he should use those two words in the same sentence.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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