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    Dave Diehl (Tackle, NYG) plays Brett Favre in comedy show


    The six-year veteran took part in two skits - one in which he played Brett Favre and one in which he was supposed to play Brett Favre.

    For the first one, Diehl sat in the audience and placed a dinner order - as Favre, of course.

    Later, Diehl interrupted a segment with the show's host, Scott Rogowsky, and Nick Stevens, who was playing a character called Fitzy, an obnoxious Boston fan sent to the stage to irritate the New York audience.

    Diehl, now wearing a Vikings hat, was supposed to be Favre in his current dilemma of whether to return to play for Minnesota. But Fitzy started "breaking the fourth wall," as Rogowsky put it, and began heckling Diehl, calling him "the left tackle who held Adalius Thomas' facemask so that he could not sack Eli Manning" before David Tyree's catch on the winning drive of the Giants' upset over the Patriots.


    Diehl and Fitzy went back and forth until Rogowsky told them to take the conversation outside.

    "What are we going to talk about, the ketchup sock?" Diehl quipped in reference to Curt Schilling's allegedly bloody sock in the 2004 ALCS.

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    Re: Dave Diehl (Tackle, NYG) plays Brett Favre in comedy show

    I hate the g-men

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