The fact of the matter is that many of us Viking fans thought that Culpepper was going to be the guy to get us to the big game and win it(myself included).
Once the injury happened, all the way up until he was traded, I was pro Culpepper.
Now hearing some of the things that have been said and watching his actions immediately after the injury it was evident that Daunte was looking for an out for some time.

He only came back (to watch) for one game.
He was never in MN rehabbing being around the team as was Birk (every game) after his season ending surgery.
The only thing that was ever spoke about was his contract.
Why would any business person award such a terrible performance after "pony-ing" up the year before on monies they didnt need to?
Pepp should have proved it to us by his actions that he wanted to be a Viking.
He didnt.

He has played well thus far in preseason.
I think that it is a great feat that he has comeback this quickly.
The only statement I am making is why so early??
I know that I can notice that he is not 100%, he is visibly hobbled.
I am aware that he wants a new deal but 3 straight years of asking for more $$ is a bit much.