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    Re: Dang it, I wanted him @ #7 last year ...

    I am not too upset with the selectin of Williamson ... who I think could really break out next season. Obviously Merriman is solid, but he was projected no higher than 10 and we would have been stretching to take him at No. 7 ... I know Tice really liked him though and early it looked like he might be around at 18 ... but no such luck ... he will be a perennial pro bowler no doubt ... but I am not ready to give up on T-Will.

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    Re: Dang it, I wanted him @ #7 last year ...

    I hope nobody's talking about getting rid of troy, we barely got to see anything out of him because he wasn't in much. And we didn't use him for what will probably be his specialty (the long ball). We should see more of him next year. And keep in mind most WR's show if they are going to be studs or not in their 3rd year.

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    Re: Dang it, I wanted him @ #7 last year ...

    Yes, and really, the knee was an issue you couldn't ignore. It was a gamble and it paid out for the Chargers but it could have gone the other way also.

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