Got fired from Miami, after they tried and trade him to Denver earlier this year.

Now i know have many of you feel with guys being released and someone on PPO wants to pick him up, however i feel that Dan Wilkinson would be a good pickup, right now we have Howard "WHO??" Green as our 2nd string guy on the defensive line, thing is he didnt play in 2006, Wilkinson played in 14 games.

How about picking up this guy on a one year deal, be a situational guy when Pat needs a break, be last years Kolodzeij, i mean this guy is even bigger than Pat!!. Huge monster inside on that runstopping defensive line - a Defensive line that could be wounerable(sp?) if we use Green and or Spencer Johnson on the inside vs the run. He could also be good guy when and if we are going to use a 3-4-4 or 3-3-5 scheme in some situations.

Im out