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    Is Da Bears defense really that good?

    Yes, they are 8-3, but I'm not impressed.

    Everyone is talking about their defense, but I just don't see it. They aren't playing that tough of a schedule. The strongest offense they have faced this year was Cin.(3rd) and they lost that game. After that, the strongest offense they have beaten this year is ranked 16th. the rest are all ranked 25,27,26,32,21,and 24th. The strongest they still have to play is ranked 10th.

    If they can beat Pittsburg and G.B. on the road as well as Atlanta at home, I will give them some props, but till way.
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    Re: Is Da Bears defense really that good?

    I have some classified info on the Bears-Packers game this week. I hope the Bears dont get their hands on this but I have the Packers first 10 scheduled plays.
    1)Screen Pass
    3)Favre Int
    4)Screen Pass
    6)Screen Pass
    8)Screen Pass
    9)Favre Int
    10)Favre Int or Screen Pass (depending on the situation)
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    Re: Is Da Bears defense really that good?

    Saw it myself, live and in person this last weekend in Tampa and I would have to say, "YES" it is that good.

    - Get tremendous pressure on the QB with just their front 4, but still able to control the running plays.
    - LB's are great at filling the holes and stuffing the run if someone does get through their front 4, but are also fast enough to actually cover in passing situations.
    - Urlacher has been given permission to Blitz anytime he see's an obvious passing play if he so chooses.
    - Secondary man's you up and covers like a blanket.

    From what I have seen, their only weakness is speed in the secondary. If you have solid "O" line and 2-3 speedy WR's who can get open (ie: couple Steve Smith types) you can take them deep and over the middle.

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    Re: Is Da Bears defense really that good?

    YES.....It's that good.

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    Re: Is Da Bears defense really that good?

    No I don't think they are as good as the media is hyping them up to be. You can move the ball on them, and they tire rather quickly.

    Their front four are flourishing on 3 and outs. If you sustain a few drives then they tire. Tampa Bay moved the ball up and down on them once they got something going. When the game was on the line the Bears D failed. Their offense failed as well.

    I'm not saying they are bad. I am saying they are not as good as advertised. They certainly are not the Ravens of old or the Bears of old.

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