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    Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "mnjamie" wrote:
    I saw some video clips of him four times dropping back from center today. He is in no way starting the season and will be lucky to be ready when the mid point of the season comes along.

    He was very ginger on the knee and was really slow, not to mention looked off balance. So, the die hard Dolphin fans can keep wishing, but it's not going to happen this year, IMO.
    It would be a small miracle to have him start the beginning of the season. I haven't seen any clips, but have been questioning the authenticity of the optimistic reports about his rehabilitation moving along so quickly. We shall see. I just hope he's playing when the Vikings meet up with the Dolphins, the realists/apologists/haters will be in full swing. Will be interesting and nauseating at the same time.
    Sounds like Joey has really been stinking it up at camp too, thus far. I still think Joey will end up being their QB, but I'm hoping Dainty makes it back for the game against us too. I can see it now...~"Kevin Williams takes Dainty down AGAIN!! Darren Sharper picks off Dainty for the third time this game and takes it to the house!! Vikes 24--Fins 7"
    I am a dipshit!!!

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    Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    "Tillmanhasnoballs84" wrote:
    more people on this team are friends with daunte then you can imagine. Didnt you hear Mckinnie saying this was his last year here when they traded him? How about Jermaine Wiggins, Darren Sharper, Antoine Winfield, Fred Smoot, Pat Williams etc. I can go on for about 45 of the 53 active players on the team. If Brad Johnson is still the starter by the end of the season I guarantee lots of people will want out.
    Well boo hoo! My friend isn't here anymore. :sad: Cry me a river.

    Wiggins, Winfield, Smoot, Sharper etc. will all be pretty happy campers if they start winning games. The NFL is a business, you can't take things personally and you can't worry about whether or not your "friends" aren't on the team.

    Besides, who says they aren't friends with Brad too?

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