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    Culpepper Responds to Childress.....


    Earlier this week, Vikings coach Brad Childress called out former Minnesota quarterback Daunte Culpepper for his decision to rehabilitate his shredded knee at what amounts to a strip mall in Florida. It was the most recent verbal assault by Childress against the guy the Vikings traded for a second-round pick last month.

    Though Culpepper has been advised by Dolphins coach Nick Saban to quit talking to the media, Daunte apparently has reached his limit. And then some. Possibly with the help of a little lip loosener known as all-kee-hol.

    "Brad Childress is an asshole," Culpepper said in e-mail message sent to several media outlets late Friday night. "I know I shouldn't care about what the guy says, but I just get sick of listening to him. I've got enough to worry about right now. The last thing I need to worry about is a coach I never played for acting like a little bitch because he was dumb enough to trade me away for a second-round pick."


    Stay tuned on this one. We have a feeling that Childress won't be able to hold his tongue.

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    I see PeP is still using the Ole E-mail thingy, what a big man....

    And if anyone was acting like a Bitch, Pep should look in a mirror.

    I'm glad he's gone and I can't wait for the day we win that trophy, then lets hear what else he has to say then........


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    Re: Culpepper Responds to Childress.....

    You're joking.

    Please tell me you're joking.

    [size=7px]April Fool's[/size]

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    Re: Culpepper Responds to Childress..... has done some pretty funny April Fool's stuff for the last few years. Stop by and check out the stories/headlines today. Some funny shit.

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