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    Re: Cris Carter & Mike Williams...

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    I was joking. I could care less who he trains with he isn't a Vike.

    I know all about the Carter Williams infatuation pre-draft.. I said I was joking in my post.

    Good for Williams

    Carter hater!!! :twisted:


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Cris Carter & Mike Williams...

    If I hate so much why do I have a tattoo under my eyelid of him catching a TD and pointing to the sky?


    What Say you??????

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    Re: Cris Carter & Mike Williams...

    I have a similar tat except it is Gary Anderson actually making the kick!
    God, I hate you Joe Buck!

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    Re: Cris Carter & Mike Williams...

    Dayum, those tattoos must have been painful to get!!!

    You guys are WAY too macho for me!!!

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