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    Re: Create your own NFL dream team

    "singersp" wrote:
    "Schutz" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    So far my team consist of the following;

    Head Coach: NordicNed

    Offensive Coordinator: Marrdro

    Defensive Coordinator: Nodak Paul

    Now I will leave the chosing of rest of the team in the very capable hands of these three wisemen, as it should be. Each shall choose their respective players.

    [img width=450 height=569][/img]
    Hey that's pretty good.
    Although I would totally hire myself as coach on my dream team, it can't be a dream team without yourself.
    Sure it could. I'd only be dreaming if I tought I'd be able to coach a team.
    Wait, isn't this kindof like Fantasy football?
    I tried that 4 times this year and the best I got was 3rd place in two leagues.
    Looks like I am not suited to coach.

    Can I be the GM instead?
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Create your own NFL dream team

    "PurpleHornsOfDestruction" wrote:
    Here's somewhat of a game. What you do is you take players from around the league to create your ideal team. Your favorite players or whatever. You chose players for each position. Not a whole roster. Simply the starters and one backup for your QB, RB, 4 WRs, 2 TEs backup corner, and anything you would like to add. The only rule is you are only allowed from 3-5 stars. Which means you can't have all Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Adrian peterson, and so on. Preferably 3. Use common sense to determine who those stars are and put an asterisk next to the name of the player who is one of your stars.

    Here's mine:


    Quarterback: Jon Kitna DET (Behind a good O-line he could be dangerous)

    Drew Stanton DET (develop into a great quarterback. I liked watching him at Michigan State)

    Tyler Thigpen MIN (Thigpen looked great when I saw him. Keep him on the roster)

    Halfback: Adrian Peterson* MIN (I don't need to say much)

    Maurice Morris SEA (He's my favorite backup runningback in the league)

    Mywelde Moore MIN

    Fullback: Tony Richardson MIN

    Wide Receiver: Roy Williams* DET

    Sydney Rice MIN

    Shaun McDonald DET

    Aundrae Allison MIN

    Tight End: Kellen Winslow CLE

    Jermaine Wiggins FA

    Matt Spaeth PIT

    Offensive Tackle: Marcus McNeil* SD- LT

    Sean Locklear SEA- RT

    Winston Justice PHI- LT

    Offensive Guard: Ryan Lilja IND- LG

    Jason Fabini WAS- RG

    Center: Matt Birk MIN

    Ryan Kalil CAR


    Defensive End: Trent Cole PHI- LE

    Jarvis Moss DEN- RE

    Brian Robison MIN- RE

    Defensive Tackle: Pat Williams MIN

    Darwin Walker CHI

    Outside Linebacker: Ben Leber MIN

    Terrell Suggs BAL

    Middle Linebacker: Napolean Harris

    Cornerbacks: Antoine Winfield* MIN

    Roderick Hood ARZ

    Marcus McCauley MIN

    Safetys: Darren Sharper* MIN- FS

    Reggie Nelson JAX- SS

    Bobbie Williams Bethune-Cookman- FS

    Special Teams:

    Place Kicker: Phil Daweson CLE

    Punter: Chris Kluwe

    Kick Returner: Aundrae Allison

    Roderick Hood

    Punt Returner: Mywelde Moore

    Coaching Staff:

    Head Coach:ME!!!

    Second Choice: Gregg Williams WAS

    Offensive Coordinator: Mike Martz DET

    Defensive Coordinator: Mike Singletary

    That's my ideal team. Put yours down if you want.

    Wow, now that is a lot of work. I will skin it down a bit and say that I like the Vikes and would play a lot of their roster. They did have 7 All Pros. I would replace the QB with Manning, the tight end with Vernon Davis who I think has a huge upside with the right offense, D end with Cole agree with you their that guy will be dominant if he's not already. I will stick with the rest.
    Head's my fantasy so me
    Offense Jerry Burns (he's dead but this is fantasy)
    Defense Johnson from Philly
    I would do every position but hey I gotta work for a living. ;D

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    Re: Create your own NFL dream team

    Interesting idea.
    Surprised more people didn't toss in their thoughts.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Create your own NFL dream team

    all you need is peterson on your team and your set for life

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