POSTED 7:10 p.m. EDT, July 18, 2006

Mike Florio

As police search for the folks who tried to turn Cowboys safety Keith Davis into a human block of Swiss cheese, folks around the league aren't buying the theory that Davis was the victim of an attempted carjacking.

We've heard from both league and industry sources who are very skeptical of the notion that a car pulled up next to Davis's ride at 5:00 a.m. on a Dallas freeway and opened fire in an effort to secure possession of the tricked-out 1993 Chevy Impala.

Police are accepting, however, the notion that the gunmen were after the car, not Davis. But how many carjackings unfold on an Interstate? And involve the attempted carjackers shooting bullets into the thing that they presumably hope to sell?

We don't know what happened, and aren't going to speculate. But for now we agree with the school of thought that, whatever it was, it wasn't a carjacking.