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    Re: Cowboys new "Jerrytron" causing major issues

    "Formo" wrote:
    [size=18pt]NFL 'Preferential' Treatment of the Cowboys?[/size]

    "Mike Florio" wrote:
    Our own suspicion is that the league bowed to Jerry Jones on this one because the league sensed that he was prepared to go to the mattresses in order to preserve his football cathedral as it was designed and envisioned.
    With acrimonious labor negotiations on the horizon, it likely made much more sense to keep Jones happy at a time when, if he'd been told to move his swanky new big-screen televisions, he would have been anything but.
    Ok, there are times when I agree with Mike..
    This is not one of them.

    Are you kidding, Florio?!
    First off, you can't tell me that the league had NO clue of Jones' plans of his 'football cathedral' (I will say this..
    It's awesomely huge).
    Am I wrong in thinking that there is a team of NFL officials that overlook and review teams' proposed design plans for new stadiums being built?
    Even if there isn't..
    Jones still put his gigantitron above league standards.

    Bottom line here, is Jones built this within league regulations.
    If there's now a problem with it..
    It's the leagues issue.
    Not Jones'.

    My solution?
    The NFL records the height of every punt this season.
    Rewrite the rule as per those results.
    And then pay for any moving of said obstructions that happen to currently reside below the new height standards.

    Goodell, you lose this fight.
    Give it up.
    Completely disagree.
    In my opinion this just further proves how arrogant Jerry Jones is and how the Cowboys feel entitled to everything.

    So you built the TV to league specs?
    So what.
    It is going to disrupt and slow down the game.
    There's only been one preseason game there so far and it's already been hit during the game.
    Not counting multiple times during warmups.

    I've read there's over 225 feet ABOVE the TV to move it up.
    So why wouldn't he just move it up 20 feet or so as to not impact and interfere with the game?
    Because he's an arrogant and smug SOB, that's why.
    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Cowboys new "Jerrytron" causing major issues

    "Formo" wrote:
    "marstc09" wrote:
    "ThorSPL" wrote:
    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    [quote author=ThorSPL link=topic=52875.msg987722#msg987722 date=1251218887]
    I read an article about how if they have the "do overs" that time continues to run off of the clock... so theoretically a team could run out the clock a little bit with the right punter
    I read that they reset the clock for that very reason.,184487
    Update: Mike Periera, the NFL's director of officiating, told The Los Angeles Times that the league will look into the problem this week. The concern is that a punter could intentionally try to hit the video screen in order to run out the clock at the end of a half. When a down is replayed, the clock doesn't reset.
    where's the OWNED or PWNED picture when you need it
    I always wondered this. What does PWNED mean?
    Old school gamer term.
    Back in the day, when a person got 'OWNED' or 'OWND', the person dishing the 'ownage' would type 'OWNED'.
    Imagine, trying to type that word out as fast as possible with no corrections..
    'PWNED' was a popular typo.
    People took that rock and ran with it.

    At least, that's my recollection of what it means/where it came from.

    You are correct.

    PWND became common in both Quake and Warcraft early days, and both claim to be the originating system for it.
    Both acknowledge that it was originally a typo.
    At the time 733t was popular (God I hated that) so the corrupted the word seemed to fit nicely.
    Plus with the back story of being a mistake, it gathered somewhat of a cult following.
    And like most cult memes, it eventually became mainstream as every body tired to be unique (and ironically achieved the exact opposite).

    Another example is "teh" instead of "the".
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Cowboys new "Jerrytron" causing major issues

    I hate the Cowboys more than any other sports team and I think Jerry Jones is a dickhead. But on this particular subject all I can say is.

    Shit Happens. Accept it and move on.

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    Re: Cowboys new "Jerrytron" causing major issues

    wait uuuuhhhhh...minute here

    1.after 27 do overs do we just move on?

    2.what if a punter says it hit the board, but no one is really sure...cue the red flag??????

    3.a defense is very tired and needs a breather, so you just keep kicking the shit out o' the ball until the bench gives you the nod that everyone is chipper?
    Glutenous enjoyer of fantasy and football...hoping that one day the two will be joined...

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