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    Re: Coughlin tells Tiki to quit griping

    He sounded pretty sure of it in the SI article. He wants to be able to walk and play with his kids. I think he will retire.

    He was frustrated he only got the ball 10 times. He should have kept it in house. Comparing the situation with Moss even if done so under the radar is laughable as well as flirting with breaking Webby's new rule. In a nutshell, people understand the way you feel do not saturate the entire site with the topic ESPECIALLY in threads that have absolutely nothing to do with it.

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    Re: Coughlin tells Tiki to quit griping

    "Ltrey33" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    He's a cancer to the locker room.

    I think the Giants should
    ignore his stats and everything he's done for the team and trade him away.
    Must this end up part of every thread?
    When you have nothing else to say but have the irresistable urge to contribute, tripe like this gets tagged to you like stink on Favre's jock.
    Mr Anderson must have taken the blue pill.

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