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Well...Just heard that the average price per ticket is up to $4,300.00. Some are going as high as $19,000.00 per ticket.

Of course these originally were in the $700.00-$900.00 range.

It boggles the mind and reminds me of the old P.T. Barnum quote "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute".

How much would you be willing to pay for a seat? Would it matter more if your team was playing? What about if the game was closer to your area or even in your own fan stadium?

$200 for a nose bleed and $500 for a lower level, if the vikings are playing.
This will be my first year buying season tickets so hopefully the vikings go, if I win the opportunity to buy tickets I will sell the tickets and go on vacation(possibly to the area of the superbowl) and watch the game on tv. Would be a easy way to make a couple thousand dollars.
That isn't even face value of the tickets.
Face value of the tickets, form the NFL, is $700 or $900.

The report I heard (Could have been wrong?) Said individual tickets were now going for $4300.00 Nodak (On Average). That seemed high to me as well from the ESPN report you supplied the link on (Thanks BTW)

They also reported a few sales (More than one) were made for $19,000,00 ea.

This was on our local news out here in CA.

Yeah, I heard a similar report on KFAN this morning, so I went to look it up.
There aren't any single tickets being sold, and if you look at stub hub the prices reported are all in pairs.

A lot of the ~$20k sales I would have to think are package deals, including hotel and stuff.
There are a lot of those going around too.

Well....In either case the most I would pay (EVER) and this only if the Vikings were playing would be $1000.00. Honestly...I would feel cheated paying that, but it would do it.

Congrats again on your Tickets Nodak....Good Luck with that!

[/quote]I'd sell my house. Or at least re-finance. Whatever, I would be there! I blew several years of savings just to fly out and watch Favreeee break the touchdown record. I threw up in my mouth of course, but I made it to the Dome!