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    Cornwell challenging NFL's policy

    This the guy that helped the Willaims Duo on their Starcaps lawsuit.

    Sports attorney David Cornwell is challenging the NFL's right to discipline players by proposing to appoint an independent arbitrator to review -- and have the power to change -- rulings made by the commissioner.

    Cornwell, one of four finalists in the running to replace the late Gene Upshaw as the NFL Players Association's executive director, described the league's current disciplinary policy as being "draconian" and requiring independent oversight.

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    Re: Cornwell challenging NFL's policy

    Nice find!

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: Cornwell challenging NFL's policy

    Good, screw Goodell...

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    Re: Cornwell challenging NFL's policy

    Not saying I agree with the way it is now, but I don't think there is much chance of it changing anytime soon.
    My guess is, it will take a lawsuit to temper the heavy hand of the commisioner. That would be hard to win.
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