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Thank goodness for Direct TV Sunday Ticket and NFLN. Without these I would suffer from DFS(displaced fan syndrome).
I do love the Ticket ... but I think it is seriously ridiculous that the Sunday Ticket is not offered via cable or even online as well (as MLB, NBA and NHL are). DirectTV must be paying a boatload for that right.
About a year ago DirecTV extended the contract to end of 2014 for 4 billion. It is a loss leader but well worth it IMO.
What I find ridiculous is that I spend almost 300 bucks a season on the Sunday Ticket and they want another 100 bucks to get every game in HD. Maybe I will call up DirecTV this season and complain and see if they will give me it for free. I've been using them for years now.
Save your money and go to the bar.
I have a feeling the bar will end up costing alot more than 300 bucks after 16 visits.
Agree, I can buy alot of Beast and cook alot of Wings/Ms Webbys dip for what it would cost me to watch a game in a bar each and every week.

Besides, I don't have to look at someone elses pubes when I pee in my own bathroom.
so you serve yourself authentic Minnesota cuisine at home too now? :P