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    Colts pick up Packer trash

    Colts | Team will add Boerigter
    Wed, 23 Aug 2006 05:26:16 -0700

    Eric Francis, of the Calgary Sun, reports the Indianapolis Colts have agreed to sign free agent WR Marc Boerigter (Packers). "It's a no-lose situation to go there, eight hours ago I didn't have a job," Boerigter told the Calgary Sun late Tuesday night, Aug. 22, after talking to Colts personnel. He has yet to formally sign a contract with the Colts but will fly into Terre Haute, Ind., this morning to take a physical and expects to be on the practice field at 2 p.m.

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    Re: Colts pick up Packer trash

    Dude just won the FA lottery...went from a LOSER team to a WINNER team in one day!

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    Re: Colts pick up Packer trash

    He must have not been too high on the Packers depth chart. I never heard of him.

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    Re: Colts pick up Packer trash

    ^ I've heard of him before, and I'm pretty sure he played for the Chiefs before the Packers.

    And I think the Colts picked him up, to fill in for Brandon Stokley, because he will be out for the first couple of weeks.
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