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    Colts new lease - so Saints on the move ?

    Hadn't seen this posted anywhere, so apologies if it has been


    The Colts and the city of Indianapolis, after months of negotiation, have agreed to a new stadium lease, the Colts announced late Tuesday afternoon.

    “We are pleased to have reached agreement on all issues with the CIB (Capital Improvement Board) related to the lease and look forward to the successful completion of all other unfinished agreements,� Colts Owner and Chief Executive Officer Jim Irsay said in a statement.

    The retractable-roof, state-of-the art stadium is scheduled to be ready by the start of the 2008 season. Until then, the Colts will continue to play home games in the RCA Dome in downtown Indianapolis

    I just wonder now with the stronger possibility of the Vikes getting a new stadium and the unfortunate events in New Orleans, if this may well force the Saints to re-locate to LA after all. Its no secret that Benson has not seen eye to eye in recent years with the state and that they wanted to re-negoiate their deal with the Saints - given that the money will be needed to help rebuild the city then I can't see how the Saints will stay in NO any longer.
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    Re: Colts new lease - so Saints on the move ?

    i saw on NFL Network a rumor that Red "dinky-doo" McCombs is looking to try to move the Saints to San Antonio.

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    Re: Colts new lease - so Saints on the move ?

    With the damage to the Superdome and NewOrleans area in general alot of federal dollars will be flowing into the region. The goverment may just ponny up enough to build an new stadium for the saints and keep them there so the city has something to look forward to. You will be amazed at the amount of money the govt will thow out there to try and rebuild that area and I just dont see them moving in the short term.
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    Re: Colts new lease - so Saints on the move ?

    Talk about kicking `em when they're down. I read the teaser in the news out here in Los Angeles, relating to their stadium options. Terrible notion. What may have been a purely financial decision is now gonna involve local pride and resolve. The Saints need to stay home, near home, somehow. Yeah, the game is going to be the last thing anyone in the south is concerned with, but in a while, their spirits will need something to root for and be distracted by, even for a few hours on Sunday. Yeah, it's just football in light of greater woes, but symbolism is a powerful thing. The Saints can provide a powerful outlet for their fans grief and frustration down the road. People need something to Root for, and it would seem like abandonment for them to blow town now. In the spirit of Anti-Franchisement and Competitive Comradery - Hey Saints! Stay home and kick some NFC South Butt!!

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    Re: Colts new lease - so Saints on the move ?

    If the Saints are going anywhere, it is to LA. YOu have to think that they are the front runner now though. Their stadium isn't in condition to play in, the LAST thing the state is worried about is rebuilding the stadium and LA already has a stadium or two.

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